Handbook of Teaching with Technology in Management, Leadership, and Business

Teaching with technology is a challenge that many faculty face. Together with Kim Gower and Danielle Allen, we compiled and edited a collection of research, practice, and conceptual chapters addressing teaching with technology in the related fields of management, leadership, and business. This handbook includes 38 chapters by over 60 esteemed authors, covering a broad range of topics related to teaching with technology. It’s especially relevant given the pandemic and the adaptations many instructors have had to make. The book was released in November 2020.

Contributors included:

A. J. Grant, Alisha DeWalt, Amy Lewis, Andrés Dávila Valdiviezo, Andrew Feldstein, Ann Devitt, Anne Spear, Natasha Chapman, Anthony Piña, Bill Schiano, C. Allen Gorman, C. Elaine Boone, Caribay Garcia Marquez, Courtney Pearson, Daniel Gandara, Danielle Allen, Danielle Fowler, Ginny Jones Boss, Grace Ngai, Harsha Sarvaiva, Heather Staples, Heather Stewart, James Jarc, James L. Morrison, Jan Marco, Leimeister, Jeanine Turner, Jennifer Parlamis, John J. Sosik, Jonathan Jarc, Jordan Mitchell, Julie Benesh, Kathy Guthrie, Katrina Radford, Kelsey Long, Kenneth Moran, Kevin Lo, Kim Gower, Kristina Bauer, Kyle Stone, Leslie Dinauer, Lisa Stickney, Lorianne Mitchell, Mai P. Trinh, Mairead Brady, Maria Crawford, Martin Fellenz, Martinella Dryburgh, Matthias Söllner, Maureen Andrade, Meg Joseph, Michael Urick, Miriam Edwards, Na Fu, Nancy Bagranoff, Natasha Chapman, Norman Chiong Lee Dong, Richard McCracken, Robert Skovira, Roman Rietsche, Ronald Riggio, Rowan Mulligan, Sonja Foss, Soo Jeoung Han, Srinivasan Tatachari, Stephanie Bryant, Stephen Chan, Stuart Allen, Sumeet Jhamb, Terri Scandura, Terry Nelson

More details can be found at: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/usd/handbook-of-teaching-with-technology-in-management-leadership-and-business-9781789901641.html. 

Spiritual Development in Executive Coaching

Dr. Jody Fry (Texas A&M) and I collaborated on a paper for the Academy of Management Annual Conference this year and received a Best Paper Award. We subsequently developed aspects of the initial paper. Our article was just published in the Journal of Management Development. The abstract can be found here. In this article we discuss how executives, like others, have spiritual and religious needs and lives. Leaders lead from who they are and spirituality and religion may be part of who the leader is. In line with the concept of whole person development we explore how spiritual development can be included in executive coaching, as well as how to overcome the challenges of doing this.


Workplace Spirituality in State Agencies

I am very proud of our team, especially Dr. Michele Farmer, for our new article in the International Journal of Organizational Analysis published on January 28, 2019 and titled “Workplace spirituality in the public sector: a study of US water and wastewater agencies.” It is available at https://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/full/10.1108/IJOA-11-2017-1281. The article reports on a study of the views of executive leaders in water and waste water agencies on the role of workplace spirituality in their agencies, both presently and in the future. It was evident that a higher sense of purpose exists for those working in the industry, along with other key markers of workplace spirituality. Read more at the link above.

New Book

Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology


I am very pleased to announce my new book. Together with Laura Hyatt, my newest edited book is Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology (2018). The book focuses on the use of technology in doctoral leadership programs in multiple fields (e.g., business, education, and nursing), but also examines how advances in technology are changing doctoral leadership education as we prepare students for a new landscape of leadership and research. We worked with great authors such as Ron RiggioSurinder KahaiDanah HenriksenWilliam Cain, Stephanie Blackmon, Bruce WinstonElisabeth BennettMargaret GormanCynthia BrownDelene VolkertJackie BruceSara BriertonLeslie Dinauer, Jennifer Moss Breen, James Martin, Emmanuel Jean-FrancoisPeter ZettinigKatja Einola, and Sean Robinson.

More details can be found at: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/advancing-doctoral-leadership-education-through-technology. The book is also available through Amazon at this link.

Transformational Leadership Styles Pre- and Post-Trauma

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Charles Kramer on an article that was recently published in the Journal of Leadership Education on the relationship between trauma and transformational leadership styles in the military. The results of this exploratory study suggest that leaders exposed to traumatic events may become less transformational after trauma exposure (e.g., ability to be inspiring). However, a small number became more transformational (e.g., focused on their followers as individuals). Further research is needed to see if this result can be replicated in larger samples and over longer time periods. It may be possible that this result reflects a temporary phenomena that reduces over time as military leaders recover and adjust to the trauma. Well done Dr. Kramer on this publication. See the full article here.

2018 SAGE Most Publishable Paper Award

Very honored to be awarded the 2018 SAGE Most Publishable Leadership Education Paper by the International Leadership Association. Here’s an extract from the announcement and a link to the full announcement:
“Stuart Allen (Professor of Organizational Leadership, Robert Morris University) and Peter Williams (Professor of Leadership, Organizational Leadership program at ACU Dallas) were named this year’s Most Publishable Leadership Education Paper Award winners by SAGE Publications and the International Leadership Association. They will present their paper, “Changes to Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes to Learning about Leadership, Religion, and Spirituality,” at ILA’s 20th anniversary global conference in West Palm Beach, Florida in October 2018.” Link.


Human Resource Professionals’ Competencies for Pluralistic Workplaces

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Our new article was published today in the International Journal of Management Education. With changing religious and spiritual demographics in the U.S. workplace, and the high number of discrimination charges reported, human resource professionals and managers need skills and knowledge for religiously and spiritually diverse workplaces. The article addresses the skills and knowledge needed by human resource managers or other professionals who play a role in human resource management, as many managers do. The article is available for free for the next few weeks at this Link.

Parental Perspectives on Parent–Child Conflict and Acculturation in Iranian Immigrants in California

Elmira Jannati and I recently (February 2018) published a new article in The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families (SAGE Publishing). The article explores:

“Iranians have settled in a number of areas in the United States, especially Southern California and Texas, and experience substantial prejudice as a result of perceptions of their religion and national origin. This study explored the relationship between Iranian immigrant parents’ acculturation and the level of conflict they experience with their U.S.-born children. A survey was used to collect data from a sample of 100 first-generation Iranian immigrant parents living in Orange County, CA, with children aged 11–22 years. Parent-acculturation levels were expected to predict parent–child conflicts (PCCs) resulting from potential acculturation gaps between children and parents. Results demonstrated a moderate positive relationship between Iranian cultural involvement and PCC and a weak negative relationship between American cultural involvement and PCC. The effects of various demographic variables were also considered. Results show higher PCC levels among lower income families, suggesting a need for support from schools, counselors, or other institutions.”

Reference: Jannati, E., & Allen, S. (2018). Parental Perspectives on Parent–Child Conflict and Acculturation in Iranian Immigrants in California. The Family Journal, 1-9, DOI: 10.1177/1066480718754770.

Link to publisher’s website

Navigating the Study of Executive Leaders’ Spirituality

André Delbecq was a pioneer and special influence on my writing on the role of religion and spirituality in the workplace, leadership, and higher education. In this article (published 2017) Peter Williams and I report on two interviews with André where we documented some of his insights and stories, shortly before his death in 2016. The article was recently published in The Journal of Management Inquiry (SAGE Publications).


“This Meet the Person article presents a synthesis of two interviews with André Delbecq, senior fellow at the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education and professor of management at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. André was a pioneering researcher in a number of areas of management scholarship such as group decision-making (e.g., the Nominal Group Technique) and managing innovation and change, with a career extending over 58 years. He experienced a shift in his late career toward the study of executive leaders’ spirituality. In the interviews, André talked of that shift, providing an inspiring example of a successful career transition, as well as his personal insight on venturing into new areas of research. André’s career is an example of engaged scholarship, academic researcher development, and the decentered academic product.”

Reference: Allen, S., & Williams, P. (2017). Navigating the study of executive leaders’ spirituality: André Delbecq’s journey. Journal of Management Inquiry, 26(2), 216–224.

Link to publisher’s site.