Handbook of Teaching with Technology in Management, Leadership, and Business

Teaching with technology is a challenge that many faculty face. Together with Kim Gower and Danielle Allen, we compiled and edited a collection of research, practice, and conceptual chapters addressing teaching with technology in the related fields of management, leadership, and business. This handbook includes 38 chapters by over 60 esteemed authors, covering a broad range of topics related to teaching with technology. It’s especially relevant given the pandemic and the adaptations many instructors have had to make. The book was released in November 2020.

Contributors included:

A. J. Grant, Alisha DeWalt, Amy Lewis, Andrés Dávila Valdiviezo, Andrew Feldstein, Ann Devitt, Anne Spear, Natasha Chapman, Anthony Piña, Bill Schiano, C. Allen Gorman, C. Elaine Boone, Caribay Garcia Marquez, Courtney Pearson, Daniel Gandara, Danielle Allen, Danielle Fowler, Ginny Jones Boss, Grace Ngai, Harsha Sarvaiva, Heather Staples, Heather Stewart, James Jarc, James L. Morrison, Jan Marco, Leimeister, Jeanine Turner, Jennifer Parlamis, John J. Sosik, Jonathan Jarc, Jordan Mitchell, Julie Benesh, Kathy Guthrie, Katrina Radford, Kelsey Long, Kenneth Moran, Kevin Lo, Kim Gower, Kristina Bauer, Kyle Stone, Leslie Dinauer, Lisa Stickney, Lorianne Mitchell, Mai P. Trinh, Mairead Brady, Maria Crawford, Martin Fellenz, Martinella Dryburgh, Matthias Söllner, Maureen Andrade, Meg Joseph, Michael Urick, Miriam Edwards, Na Fu, Nancy Bagranoff, Natasha Chapman, Norman Chiong Lee Dong, Richard McCracken, Robert Skovira, Roman Rietsche, Ronald Riggio, Rowan Mulligan, Sonja Foss, Soo Jeoung Han, Srinivasan Tatachari, Stephanie Bryant, Stephen Chan, Stuart Allen, Sumeet Jhamb, Terri Scandura, Terry Nelson

More details can be found at: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/usd/handbook-of-teaching-with-technology-in-management-leadership-and-business-9781789901641.html.