Below are three books I have edited or co-edited.

Handbook of Teaching with Technology in Management, Leadership, and Business

Teaching with technology is a challenge that many faculty face. Together with Kim Gower and Danielle Allen, we compiled and edited a collection of research, practice, and conceptual chapters addressing teaching with technology in the related fields of management, leadership, and business. This handbook includes 38 chapters by over 60 esteemed authors, covering a broad range of topics related to teaching with technology.

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Handbook cover

Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology

Together with Laura Hyatt, my newest book is Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education Through Technology (2018). The book focuses on the use of technology in doctoral leadership programs in multiple fields (e.g., business, education, and nursing), but also examines how advances in technology are changing doctoral leadership education as we prepare students for a new landscape of leadership and research. We worked with great authors such as Ron Riggio, Surinder Kahai, Danah Henriksen, William Cain, Stephanie Blackmon, Bruce Winston, Elisabeth Bennett, Margaret Gorman, Cynthia Brown, Delene Volkert, Jackie Bruce, Sara Brierton, Leslie Dinauer, Jennifer Moss Breen, James Martin, Emmanuel Jean-Francois, Peter Zettinig, Katja Einola, and Sean Robinson.

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CALE Leadership Handbook

I had the pleasure of serving as editor for the CALE Leadership Handbook (2009) as a project for the Centre for Applied Leadership Excellence. The Handbook was written as an easy-to-read and practical text for developing leaders at all levels of experience. Various well-known authors contributed to the book including Jim Kouzes, Barry Posner, Morgan McCall, Warren Bennis, Richard Lepsinger, and Gary Yukl, amongst others (full details below).

The book served as a valuable resource for our corporate and nonprofit clients and furthered the work of the Centre. Recently the book was converted to the Kindle format and is available on Amazon. I have limited paper copies. The proceeds of the book go to nonprofit organizations in South Africa. The full table of contents is listed below, along with a link to the e-book on Amazon (available on Kindle, paper copies available on request).

Table of Contents


The Seven Ages of the Leader by Warren G. Bennis

Lions of Leadership by Reuel J. Khoza

Servant Leadership by Kathleen Patterson

Personality and the Dark Side by Robert Hogan

Female Leadership: A Personal Journey by Jopie Van Rooyen


Leading Change by Gary Yukl and Richard Lepsinger

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Foresight by Bruce E. Winston

Organizational Development and Diagnosis by Dail Fields

Clarity and Alignment in the Organization by Phil Womersley

Leadership and Culture by Jan Van Rooyen


To Lead or to Manage? by Stuart Allen

Effective Leadership = Trust + Communication by Norm Mintle

Leading Transitional Change by Pete Williams

The Power of Everyday Mentoring by Chip R. Bell


Liberating the Leader Within by James Kouzes and Barry Posner

Using EI to Advance Leadership Potential by Sandra Kuter and Stuart Allen

Crafting a Path Toward Mastery by Morgan McCall

Life, Learning and Leadership by Richard Wilson

Time as a Currency of Leadership by Stuart Allen

Balance and Imbalance by Colinda Linde

Getting Over Yourself: The Strange Road to Humility by Richard Wilson and Stuart Allen